Heat recovery and heat pumps

Group 3: Heat recovery and heat pumps

In these two seminars we will investigate heat recovery on Industrial refrigeration systems and industrial heat pumps. It is often seen heat recovery equipment is mounted on Industrial refrigeration systems which is not working as it was supposed to and / or even make the refrigeration system work less efficient and use more energy. It demands a great deal of refrigeration know how to install heat recovery equipment correctly on industrial refrigeration systems so both the heat recovery and the refrigeration system will work as it is supposed to. What to be careful with and suggestions to do it correctly will be reviewed and explained. Different types of industrial heat pumps will be reviewed as well as what you should investigate and clarify before investing in an industrial heat pump. We will also investigate which known challenges and or / pitfalls there are when you need to design, mount, control, run and service large industrial ammonia heat pumps. Based on “case stories” from real life uncovers unexpected and mostly unknown problems when running large industrial ammonia heat pumps and we investigate what can be done to avoid these types of problems. 

Desuperheaters and water-cooled condensers for heat recovery, how to make it work efficient?
Where to be careful? 
Ammonia heat pumps how do they work? 
Why is it not easy with ammonia heat pumps? 
Hybride heat pumps how do they work and what is the experience with them?

We will go through the most common heat recovery initiatives used on industrial ammonia refrigeration systems and the most common refrigeration errors and mistakes made when installing them. The consequences of the refrigeration mistakes and errors and the impact on the refrigeration systems energy consumption and capacity will be explained. What kind of industrial heat pumps are available and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these different types.

What kind of problems have we seen and why? 
Case stories with heat pump problems including both screws and recips. 
Complicated findings in trouble shooting which no one had expected. 
Suggestions on how to avoid these kinds of problems. 
Some important lessons learnt and some general guidelines in where to be very careful.

What kind of unexpected pitfalls have shown when running large industrial ammonia heat pumps? By going through uncovered areas of problems and case stories we achieve insights in the often very complex and unexpected problems which have shown to be present when designing, installing, running, and servicing the industrial ammonia heat pumps. Guidelines on what should be considered, investigated, and secured before a large industrial ammonia heat pump is put into operation. We will go through some important “lessons learnt” from very costly experiences with ammonia heat pumps which it will be advisable to take into consideration when these systems are designed and build or you are a customer wanting to buy an industrial heat pump.