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Cool Products provide products for Industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

Cool Products provide products for Industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

Cool Products is producing and selling CPA air purgers, CPW water purgers and CPO oil purgers for Industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. The products are developed and designed by Cool Partners and known for their technical simplicity and very high efficiency.

When installed on Industrial ammonia refrigeration systems the CPA and CPW purgers will efficient remove air, water, and other impurities from the ammonia refrigerant. The CPO oil purger will hold back nearly all oil in the ammonia on the high-pressure side of the system and preventing it from passing on to the low-pressure side.

Air, water, and oil contaminations of ammonia systems are the most common reasons for lack of refrigeration capacity and efficiency. The power saving and capacity increase potential in cleaning the ammonia system is normally very high and should always be calculated and considered.

Cleaning the ammonia systems also reduce service cost as it reduces decomposition of the oil and extend service life of the compressors.

Energy savings calculation program for free download:

Cool Products Calculation program for calculating the effect of air and water in ammonia refrigeration systems. Download the new updated program CPAWcalc. v1.6 from this link

We provide:

Reliable industrial products known for their high efficiency and technical simplicity.

CPA Air purgers

CPW Water purgers

CPAW Air and water purger systems

CPO Oil purgers

About us:

Cool Products is founded and owned by Per skærbæk Nielsen and Lars Vetter. We have both more than 30 years of experience in the industrial refrigeration business.
Per Skærbæk Nielsen is the owner and CEO of Cool Partners which is a well-known consulting company in the industrial refrigeration industry. It is the extensive experience and know how of Cool partners which is condensed into the design of the products manufactured by Cool Products.
Lars Vetter is the founder and CEO of Atlas sales who is the worldwide sales company for Cool Products. Lars Vetter has been selling products to and for the industrial refrigeration industry all over the world for more than 30 years. The knowledge gained about the refrigeration business enables Atlas to sell the right product to full fill the customer’s needs.