About Us

Cool Partners is a small consulting company with a little twist – Cool Partners bring more experience and more expertise with it than most larger companies will be able to offer, yet you’ll still benefit from a personal one to one service.

Per Skærbæk Nielsen has more than 35 years in the industry, and has been working intensively with compressors, valves, troubleshooting, system development and design through his hole career. All the knowledge gained from this is used in the consulting work and summed up in technical seminars for advanced education and training of refrigeration technicians in the industrial refrigeration area.

Cool Partners cater to all areas of the industry, including manufacturers, refrigeration contractors and end users, and more importantly Cool Partners build close relationships with all our customers to become their preferred partners throughout the growth of their companies.

The focus is on the industrial and large commercial refrigeration segment. The primary focus areas are energy optimization and energy audits, trouble shooting, review and optimization of existing systems and new builds, as well as design and development of advanced processes and equipment for the refrigeration segment. Solutions already developed address well known problems in refrigeration systems with a new approach, with highly efficient and simple operation resulting in savings in service and operating costs.

The Cool Partners name reflect the company’s vision to become a valuable partner for contactors, equipment manufacturers and end users in their struggle to improve the industrial refrigeration systems in terms of efficiency, energy consumption, simplicity, and minimizing service and running costs.

About the trainer - Per Skaerbaek Nielsen


Per Skaerbaek Nielsen, B. Sc. In Mechanical Engineering
1959, Date of Birh
1987, Project Engineer, Stal Refrigeration, Denmark
1988, Product Engineer, Sabroe Product Division
1992, Service Manager, Sabroe Industry Division
1994, Technical Manager, Scofish, Scotland
1995, Technical Manager, Sabroe Canada
1995, Marketing Engineer, Danfoss, A/S Nordborg
1997, Product Manager, Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration, Hasselager
2001, Technical Manager, YORK Refrigeration, Marine & Controls
2003, Technical Manager, York Refrigeration Marine, Service & Parts
2005, Cooling Consult, Owner
2008, Cool Partners, Owner / CEO, Hasselager

Key Qualifications

Refrigeration System Design and Development
Energy optimization of systems working on
NH3, CO2 R22, R134a R404a, R407c, R410, etc.
CO2 / NH3 Cascade systems including hot gas defrost with CO2
Transcritical CO2 systems

Trouble shooting
Valve systems
Reciprocating compressors
Screw compressors
Ice machines, plate freezers, freezing tunnels, IQF freezers
Problems with contamination of refrigeration systems.
Expertise in refrigeration oils and oil analysis


Master plans for industrial refrigeration systems on large enterprises
Developing and performing high level training courses in optimization of industrial refrigeration systems
Energy optimization projects of industrial refrigeration systems both in Denmark therest of the world
Design of all kind of land based industrial refrigeration systems
Design of refrigeration systems for Reefer vessels
Design of refrigeration systems for fishery vessels
Trouble-shooting in all areas within the refrigeration business
Technical sales support
Development of CO2/Ammonia cascade concept for large fishing vessels
Design of CO2/cascade system with CO2 hot-gas defrosting
Development of water purger
Development of air purger
Development of highly efficient energy saving hot gas defrost systems
Development of oil carry over reduction concept for reciprocating compressors
Development of oil recovery vessel for high pressure liquid
Development of valves and valve systems.
Refrigeration oils and oil analysis
Contamination of refrigeration systems.


“Effects of Water in Ammonia systems, 1997 IIR Ammonia Refrigeration Conference, Colorado Springs.
“Introducing a New Ammonia / CO2 Cascade for Large Fishing Vessels”, 2003, IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Conference 2003 // awarded with “The Andy Ammonia award for a paper on ammonia/CO2 cascade systems.”