Cool partners

Cool Partners offer high quality consulting on industrial refrigeration based on over 35 years of experience in the business.

Our focus

The focus is on the industrial and large commercial refrigeration segment. The primary focus areas are energy optimization and energy audits, trouble shooting, review and optimization of existing systems and new builds, as well as design assistance for the refrigeration segment. Solutions already developed address well known problems in refrigeration systems with a new approach, with highly efficient and simple operation resulting in savings in service and operating costs.

  • CO2 cascade systems – with or without hot gas defrosting
  • Industrial transcritical CO2 systems
  • Handling of air and water in refrigeration systems
  • Oil return with built-in purification
  • Oil analysis – system diagnostics
  • Thermodynamic calculation and design of systems, heat exchangers, vessels etc.
  • Design of process equipment
  • Energy audits

The Cool Partners name reflect the company’s vision to become a valuable partner for contactors, equipment manufacturers and end users in their struggle to improve the industrial refrigeration systems in terms of efficiency, energy consumption, simplicity, and minimizing service and running costs.

Cool Partners offer advise on
Cool Partners offer
  • Energy efficency
  • Safety of operation
  • Service requirements
  • Improved Capacity
  • R717 freezing/cooling plants and chillers
  • Industrial CO2 transcritical, subcritical and cascade systems
  • Energy saving optimized hot gas defrost systems
  • Preventing “liquid hammer”
  • Oil separating and oil return systems from HP side
  • Correct piping for system efficiency
  • Compressors
  • Valves
  • Heat exchangers
  • System design
  • Hot gas defrost and liquid hammer
  • Contamination of systems
  • Oil problems

⦁ Shell and tube condensers/evaporators (flooded and DX)/single phase
⦁ Liquid separators/Surge drums/pump separators
⦁ Oil separators
⦁ Specialized vessels
⦁ Heat exchanger

  • Contamination of industrial refrigeration systems and heat pumps.
  • Effects of water and air in industrial refrigeration systems
  • Optimization and efficiency of Industrial R717 systems
  • Heat recovery and heat pumps
  • Industrial CO2 refrigeration systems

About us

Cool Partners is a small consulting company with a little twist – Cool Partners bring more experience and more expertise with it than most larger companies will be able to offer, yet you’ll still benefit from a personal one to one service.

Per Skærbæk Nielsen has more than 35 years in the industry, and has been working intensively with compressors, valves, troubleshooting system development and design through his hole career. All the knowledge gained from this is used in the consulting work and summed up in technical seminars for advanced education and training of refrigeration technicians in the industrial refrigeration area.

Cool Products

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