Trouble Shooting

Trouble shooting

Cool Partners has more than 35 years’ experience with trouble shooting in the industrial refrigeration area all over the world.

The in depth know how about compressors, valves, system design and behavior, liquid hammer problems, system contamination, oils and lubrication problems makes Cool Partners highly competent and skillet in the trouble shooting area.

We always focus on finding the “rod course” for the problems seen on refrigeration systems and not just “cure the symptoms.” An often-seen symptom on problems in a refrigeration system can be a valve in a valve station for hot gas defrost failing or being damaged frequently. An analysis of the valve and system behavior can often find liquid hammer in the valve as the reason for problems and how the valve station is operated / controlled as the “rod course” of the problem. A simple change in the controller program might solve the problem completely, but it often demands special skills and know how to pinpoint exactly what to change and how to change it for problem free and safe operation.