CPAW12 - Water and air purging system.

With air comes water
The powerful CPAW12 air and water purging system for all sizes industrial NH3 systems. The very powerful CPAW12 air and water.

Purging system can handle all sizes of Industrial NH3 refrigeration systems and ensure no air, water and other impurities are left in the system.
You will only need one CPAW12 no matter the size and running conditions of the refrigeration system.

Savings approx. (“rules of thumb”):
Each 1°C higher CT because of air: power consumption rises 3% and refrigeration capacity drops 1%
Each 1 % water in the evaporator means 1 % lower capacity and 2 % higher power consumption
Keeping air and water out of the system reduces oil decomposition and chemical reactions thus reducing service and maintenance cost.

Capacities CPAW12 system approx. :
Fouled gas condensing capacity: 12 kW
Air out blow capacity approx.: 50 liters/min. to 150 liters/min. (Depending on condensing pressure)
Evaporating capacity for water removal 12 kW
Water drainage capacity when full approx. 14 liters

Further advantages:
Amount of purged air can be determined from purge timer and capacity table
Warning signals when ready for pump down and water drainage from the CPAC control box.
Relation between air and water content in the system becomes visible.
Low installation cost as CPA12 and CPW12 can use same connections to system.