CPA12 - Airpurger

The powerful CPA12 air purger for all sizes of industrial NH3 refrigeration systems.

The very powerful CPA12 can handle all sizes of industrial refrigeration systems and secure no air is left in the system.

Only one air purger is needed no matter the size and running conditions of your system.

Every 1°C higher CT because of air: power consumption rises approx. 3% and refrigeration capacity drops approx. 1%
Keeping air out of the system reduces oil decomposition and chemical reactions thus reducing service and maintenance cost.

Fouled gas condensing capacity: 12 kW
Air out blow capacity approx.: 50 liters/min. to 150 liters/min. (Depending on condensing pressure)

Further features:
⦁ The purged air is very clean with the lowest content of NH3 possible at the given ET/CT running conditions of the system.

⦁ The very large air out blow capacity enable the CPA12 to grab and purge large air pockets in the system before passing by in the system. This unique feature makes the CPA12 outstanding in the field of industrial air purgers.

⦁ The CPA12 is very service friendly with HP and LP service valves, and easily accessible build in filter

⦁ CPA12 can be mounted together with the CPAW water purger forming the CPAW12 air and water purging system.

⦁ CPA12 can be installed with the CPAC stand alone control system with possibility for CANBUS connection to the plants overall control system.

⦁ The CPA12 can handle any amount of liquid being led to the air purger in the fouled gas line. For this reason, the solenoid valves in the fouled gas line can be placed anywhere. This feature allows for placing an easily accessible manifold with solenoid valves in the fouled gas line close to the condensers or in the machine room making service and maintenance very easy.

⦁ The CPA12 can be placed anywhere convenient, in the machine room, on the roof, next to condensers etc.

⦁ Very simple, reliable, and effective working principle.


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